OMG – Madonna falls off stage at Brit awards LIVE

While we all love Madonna and what she has done over the years, it does show we can all have a bad day at the office. She certainly knows how to upstage everyone.

To be fair, she did carry on and finish her song, even smiling at the end! I wouldn’t want to be the guys who pulled her off the stage though.

Absolutely live, two minutes after co-presenter Laura Whitmore said ‘Who knows what will happen…It’s Live!!’

UK Lottery Experiment

I am looking for some volunteers to try a lottery experiment in the UK lottery. This is a first stage trial which will involve playing the UK’s Hotpicks game. It will cost you £1 to play, with the money going to your favourite government taxation system – the National Lottery.


I will need 49 volunteers, to basically cover all the numbers in the Hotpicks single number game with a coordinated attempt at winning. Please leave a comment if you wish to take part:

1. I will tell you which number to pick.

2. You must be in the UK to join in, as we are playing the UK lottery.

3. You will need to buy your own ticket, and if you do win, you can keep the money yourself (it will only be £5 I believe). I do not intend to ask for a cut, and this is not a syndicate where the winnings get shared out. There is no guarantee that you will get any money back.

I don’t know how many UK readers follow my blog, so it might not be possible to try this out yet.

If I get 49 volunteers, then the trial will be closed for any newcomers. First-come first served for this one.

Comments along the lines of ‘Oh, better keep your money in your pocket, the odds of winning are so tiny’ will be ignored on this post.

Cheer up, it’s Monday! Time for a moon-set…

Moon Set

Moon Set

This morning I woke up to see the moon still in the sky. I have tried a few times to capture the moon, but it usually comes out as a blurred spotlight in the sky. The best time to take the moon is when the sky is a little lighter. Taking the moon against a black night sky confuses my poor camera, and it just can’t balance the whites.

You will also need a camera that you can adjust the shutter speed to get the most detail from the moon. Other than that, a tripod and an enormous zoom lens would be good ideas too.

For those who missed the big event of the weekend, or who need a little cheering up this Monday, check out the Whose Blog is it Anyway? from the guest bloggers at Don Charisma’s blog. There are some great comic writings on there and all of them are fantastic pieces of improv.

If you want to read my second attempt at improvised writing, the read my post titled Why isn’t 11 pronounced onety-one?

Enjoy, and have a great week everyone.

Day 16 – Celebrity maths answer…

Last week I put forward a challenge which virtually all the celebrities in the UK Big Brother house failed to answer correctly. You can read the original post here.

The question was:

And all those who responded were correct with the answer of 120.

Clearly people who blog are more mathematically connected than our celebrity folk.

For those who weren’t sure of the answer, the trick in the question is Divide by Half. This is the same as multiply by 2, so:

50 divide by half then add 20 = 50 x 2 + 20 = 120

Well done to all those who answered.