A lonely death

100 years gone by
Growing tall and strong
Waiting for someone to come and play
Without warning it was to be my last day

One gust of wind and my boughs were broken
My heart torn in two with no hope to recover
Now as I lie on the ground I see children come close
They sit and climb along my once strong limbs

If I could cry I would shed happy tears
In death no longer alone


I recently read a post from a new blog I followed about the recent bad weather in England. It reminded me of an old tree blown over in the storm which stood alone in a huge park and inspired me to write a short poem – my first in about 30 years!

Here’s the original post – England Weather

15 thoughts on “A lonely death

  1. Hi Danny

    Thanks for following my blog. I wanted to comment on your photos but couldn’t see where to do so! Wanted to tell you that we also happened to see the double rainbow when driving from Luton airport. It was an amazing experience and great to see something beautiful in Luton of all places!

    Carry on with the poetry – you have made a good start. Putting your own poems along side your own photographs is a lovely idea. I’ve done it a bit on my blog but tend to find a photo to match the poem rather than writing a poem for a specific photograph.

    Very best wishes

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