Sunset panorama

The sunsets during the winter months are more spectacular for me. The lack of haze means the colours are much more vivid.

This panorama is a series of 8 photos which has been blended together using the free tool Hugin. I have only started using this software and have hit a few bugs. But I hope you agree the results are pretty awesome.

BTW, the dimensions of this image have been reduced from 13450 x 3633 or a massive 47 megapixels.

If you have any questions about how to do this, do leave me a message below. I’m always happy to help.


25 thoughts on “Sunset panorama

  1. I have to use this wording… holy ****!!! Now to “acceptable” – terms: This is gorgeous, incredible, breathtaking, mindblowing, etc, etc. I have a Panorama app built into Creative Studio on my cellphone but this makes it seem like an etch-a-sketch in comparison. Many thanks, I’ll be sharing this post on other sites…

  2. Beautiful sunset. I’ve become slightly obsessed with them myself recently as my final days working on the fourteenth floor of a building with views over the river Itchen draw to a close. I’ll miss my job but I think I’ll miss the sunsets from the penthouse more!

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