Day 9 – 93% of Celebrity Big Brother housemates failed to answer this

Normally I don’t spend too much time watching Celebrity Big Brother, especially as I don’t know most of the people in there. Ok, there are some:

Evander Holyfield, legend of the boxing ring
Lionel Blair, stage entertainer
Jim Davidson, supposed comedian
Linda Nolan, one of the Nolans
Lee Ryan, one of the boys from Blue
Dappy, the one from N-Dubz

But who are the others and why are they all jumping into bed with each other after less than a week?

Who is Casey Batchelor?
Who is Jasmine Waltz?
Who is Liz Jones?
Who is Luisa Zissman?
Who is Ollie Locke?
Who is Sam Faiers?

Perhaps I just don’t watch enough TV.

Anyway, onto todays task – I watched the end of CBB a couple of nights ago and saw the housemates answering general questions. To my delight there was a maths question, which they all got wrong. Someone might have got it right, but I must have missed it.

So here’s the question – post your answer below and don’t worry if you get it wrong, I’ll just put you in with the Celebrity maths group…Please don’t cheat and look it up…


6 thoughts on “Day 9 – 93% of Celebrity Big Brother housemates failed to answer this

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  3. How did you get the 120 if the answer should be 45?
    It says Divide 50 in half. so, this should be 50 ÷ 2= 25. Then Add 20. so 25+20=45
    Then, the result is 45!
    Just my two cents…

    • Hi Thanks for your input. This is really a trick of the language used.

      The question was “Divide 50 BY half Then add 20”

      Divide 50 by half means 50 / (1/2), not 50 / 2. So that’s how you get to 120.

      Your calculation is Divide 50 IN half Then add 20. It’s subtly different.

      Thanks for visiting…

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