UK Lottery Experiment

I am looking for some volunteers to try a lottery experiment in the UK lottery. This is a first stage trial which will involve playing the UK’s Hotpicks game. It will cost you £1 to play, with the money going to your favourite government taxation system – the National Lottery.


I will need 49 volunteers, to basically cover all the numbers in the Hotpicks single number game with a coordinated attempt at winning. Please leave a comment if you wish to take part:

1. I will tell you which number to pick.

2. You must be in the UK to join in, as we are playing the UK lottery.

3. You will need to buy your own ticket, and if you do win, you can keep the money yourself (it will only be £5 I believe). I do not intend to ask for a cut, and this is not a syndicate where the winnings get shared out. There is no guarantee that you will get any money back.

I don’t know how many UK readers follow my blog, so it might not be possible to try this out yet.

If I get 49 volunteers, then the trial will be closed for any newcomers. First-come first served for this one.

Comments along the lines of ‘Oh, better keep your money in your pocket, the odds of winning are so tiny’ will be ignored on this post.