Day 10 – 360 degree sunset panorama

Another spectacular pair of sunset panoramas for you today. These sunsets were taken on the same day, with about 10 minutes in between them.

The first, wider one, is a full 360 degree panorama, which allows me to capture both the sunset and the moon. I would have preferred the moon to be a little larger, but you have to take what you can. Made from 6 x 1 portrait photos and fused together using Hugin.

360 degree sunset panorama

360 degree sunset panorama

The second is a 180 degree panorama taken later, hence the deeper reds. This was blended from only 6 x 1 photos using Hugin once more.

 180 degree sunset panorama

180 degree sunset panorama

I’d be interested in hearing which you guys prefer…

Day 9 – 93% of Celebrity Big Brother housemates failed to answer this

Normally I don’t spend too much time watching Celebrity Big Brother, especially as I don’t know most of the people in there. Ok, there are some:

Evander Holyfield, legend of the boxing ring
Lionel Blair, stage entertainer
Jim Davidson, supposed comedian
Linda Nolan, one of the Nolans
Lee Ryan, one of the boys from Blue
Dappy, the one from N-Dubz

But who are the others and why are they all jumping into bed with each other after less than a week?

Who is Casey Batchelor?
Who is Jasmine Waltz?
Who is Liz Jones?
Who is Luisa Zissman?
Who is Ollie Locke?
Who is Sam Faiers?

Perhaps I just don’t watch enough TV.

Anyway, onto todays task – I watched the end of CBB a couple of nights ago and saw the housemates answering general questions. To my delight there was a maths question, which they all got wrong. Someone might have got it right, but I must have missed it.

So here’s the question – post your answer below and don’t worry if you get it wrong, I’ll just put you in with the Celebrity maths group…Please don’t cheat and look it up…


Day 8 – Food extravaganza

I recently took part in an improv blogging day on Don Charisma’s blog, and was given the topic of Men Make Better Chefs than Women. As life is all about balance, I thought I would share these lovely photos of food that my wife has cooked up for me.

I do love eating, and fortunately my wife loves cooking. Must be a match made in heaven…

I have to admit, my wife didn’t make the croissants from scratch. I just thought they looked tasty.

Day 7 – BODMAS, PEDMAS and the answer to Day 1 – Maths

Thanks to my followers for taking part in my Day 1 Maths problem.

Firstly, the answer is 5, using the usual BODMAS / PEDMAS rules of maths.

During one of my first lessons at high school, my maths teacher asked us all to get our calculators out and try out this calculation:

1 + 2 x 3

Anyone with a calculator showing 9 had to put their calculators away, and purchase a brand new Casio calculator that followed BODMAS rules. This was at the hefty cost of £15 at the time (ok, it was close on 20 years ago), which I’m sure was worth the money as it showed the ‘correct’ answer of 7.


For those who don’t know or have forgotten, maths follows strict rules of calculation. Known as BODMAS (or PEDMAS in some regions), the order of calculation is:

B = Brackets (or Parentheses)
O = Orders (or Exponents / powers)
D = Division
M = Multiplication
A = Addition
S = Subtraction

Bod was quite a popular childrens program when I was growing up, so this was quite easy to remember – the cartoons are all on youtube! Using these rules our original calculation needs to be done as follows:

B: None here
O: None here
D: 4 ÷ 2 = 2
M: 2 x 2 = 4
A: 3 + 2 x 2 = 3 + 4 = 7
S: 3 + 2 x 2 – 4 ÷ 2 = 3 + 4 – 2 = 7 – 2 = 5

Brackets are used to clarify or indeed change the order of calculation, so:
(3 + 2) x 2 – (4 ÷ 2) = 5 x 2 – 2 = 8

For those who want a further challenge –

How many different answers can you get by adding brackets to the original calculation but keeping the order of numbers / operators the same?

I have shown you two –
3 + 2 x 2 – 4 ÷ 2 = 5
(3 + 2) x 2 – (4 ÷ 2) = 8

Don’t you just love maths!

Day 6 – Sun blast panorama

This is another Hugin creation using 5 photos stitched together to make this panorama. The great thing with panoramas like this is each photo can be taken with optimum exposure and then the blending evens the picture out. If this was one photo, the bright sun would overpower everything else in the photo.

Day 5 – Ice Sculptures

I haven’t done a photo gallery since my very first post, so here is my second gallery – a selection of ice sculptures from Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park in London.

These sculptures were larger than life, the swan, for example, must have been 15 feet high. They had to be stored in a super large room kept at -8 centigrade, we don’t quite get the cold temperatures needed to keep these enormous structures in one piece.