Day 10 – 360 degree sunset panorama

Another spectacular pair of sunset panoramas for you today. These sunsets were taken on the same day, with about 10 minutes in between them.

The first, wider one, is a full 360 degree panorama, which allows me to capture both the sunset and the moon. I would have preferred the moon to be a little larger, but you have to take what you can. Made from 6 x 1 portrait photos and fused together using Hugin.

360 degree sunset panorama

360 degree sunset panorama

The second is a 180 degree panorama taken later, hence the deeper reds. This was blended from only 6 x 1 photos using Hugin once more.

 180 degree sunset panorama

180 degree sunset panorama

I’d be interested in hearing which you guys prefer…

8 thoughts on “Day 10 – 360 degree sunset panorama

  1. Hi, I am a student from Boston University. I am doing a Maya project which needs texture for the the sky. I searched it on google and found your “360 degree sunset panorama” image is beautiful and quite suitable for my project. That will be great if you allow me to do that.

      • Hi Danny,
        I am a PhD Candidate in my final semester at Boston University and I have been supervising Vincent’s project over the past semester. You can see a little bit more about my work here: I am interested in models of collective motion — algorithms that define how entities in a system should interact. You are familiar with this type of algorithm from movies like Lord of the Rings and Avatar.

        I have been using Brazilian free-tailed bats as a study system (, no sound) and after many years of toil, I have arrived at a model that I love and feel strongly about. Before I graduate, I am working to write two papers 1.) To show the world that my model is a good idea and has things in common with natural systems 2.) To show the world that my model is a good idea and people should use it to do animations to make movies.

        To the second end, I intend to prepare a paper for SIGGRAPH, a computer graphics conference, detailing how my model works and why it is a good idea. As supplementary material for that paper, we intend to submit videos showing the model in action in different conditions. If you would be so kind, we would love to use your very beautiful sky panorama as a backdrop for one of the movies, where we have simulated a column of bats emerging from their cave and heading off into the sunset to forage. If you email me, I will send you a couple of example frames from the movie, as we have currently made it. I can also send you a few of my own pictures from that part of the country, which have inspired us to make the video as we have.

        Thank you very much,

      • Hi Diane, it looks like you’re doing some good work there. I studied mathematical modelling as part of my own degree many years ago, so it’s interesting to see your work.

        As it’s a research project, I would be happy for you and Vincent to use my photo – please add an acknowledgment in your final work. If you plan on putting it in the public domain, would I be able to add it to my blog?

        I will contact you via email to see your sample stills and to send the photo over to you.


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